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Jackson Professional Pro headstock. "Professional" - unique marker used on professional series only
Last catalog with "Professional" logo, 2002

Years: 1990-2002

Factory: Japan (Chushin Gakki).

This guitar series represents golden years of Japan Jackson guitar craft.

Top guitars of this series with "Pro" and "XL" appendices on the truss rod cover (after model name) have pearl "Jackson" logo.

"Pro" guitars commonly have ebony fingerboard, better Schaller JT-590 tremolo (made in Germany) and Pearl Jackson logo. Guitars with indexes "Std", "EX", etc. usually have Takeuchi JT-580 tremolo (made in Japan), Rosewood fingerboard and white logo.

Many instruments of this series have Basswood body and Maple neck.

The last guitars with "Professional" logo show on the Jackson 2002 catalog.

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