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Active Electronics differ form conventional passive electronics in their unique ability to BOOST volume levels and/or selected frequency ranges, not just cut them. Designed to provide the advantages of low impedance output, these active circuits are available with a number of options.

Jackson Active Electronics consist of a micro circuit board that is installed directly inside the guitar, and connected to Jackson pickups. Jackson electronics utilize the highest-quality active components, to give you unlimited sonic choices, deliver the best signal-to-noise ration, and support long cable runs without signal degradation. Battery life is very long, on the order of a year for alkaline types. The output is a high-quality low impedance signal that can be connected directly to a mixing console or an amp. Low impedance electronics are perfectly compatible with any amplifier input; and can drive large, multi-amp setups like no standard pickups can.

JE-0005 5-Way Switch
Duncan Designed GEQ-1 Firestorm

JE-1000 - 8-position switching matrix which noticeably influences the pickups resonant frequency. What you get is a guitar sound with any coloration you prefer, from bright to dark. An optional gain boost switch and tone control are also available. The superior buffering of low-impedance electronics eliminates the problems caused by cables and effects boxes.

JE-1200 - Active mid-boost guitar circuit. Boosts middle frequencies to fatten up and thicken for a bigger tone and added sustain.

JE-1500 - Active para-mid E.Q. guitar circuit. Use the tone knob to select the center of any group of frequencies from 450Hz to 45KHz. That's almost like having a wah pedal built into a knob on your guitar. Parametriс Mid Boost, Frequency Sweep Control, Internal Gain Control.

JE-2000 - Active E.Q. bass circuit. Bass and treble controls give +-12dB of boost and cut at 40Hz and 25Khz for incomparable sonic control.

JE-2500 - Active para-mid E.Q. bass circuit. This is the same basic circuit as the JE-2000 but designed for use with EMG-35P/J pickups.

JE-0005 5-Way Switch - The extra two positions can, among other things, split humbucking pickups, giving you two unique single-coil combinations - the two inside coils, or the two outside coils.

Duncan Designed GEQ-1 Firestorm - Originally developed by Seymour Duncan for a Jackson model in 2002, the GEQ-1 Firestorm™ is a 20dB gain boost circuit for solidbody electric guitars. It takes a standard-looking axe and, with the flick of an innocent looking mini-toggle switch, turns it into a weapon of mass destruction capable of driving your amp harder for solos or thick rhythms, and giving you extra sustain and power.