Jackson King V KV2

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Jackson King V KV2 (1996-1997, bolt-on) (Ultra Violet)
Jackson King V KV2 (1998-present, neck-thru) (Black)

In 1996-1997 this model was an affordable version of Jackson King V KV1.

Later the KV2 became the highest level guitar of the King V series with new top features (neck through body construction, ebony fingerboard, 24 frets, Floyd Rose Original, Seymour Duncan pickups, etc.).

Specifications for Jackson King V KV2
Name: Jackson King V KV2
Series: Jackson King V series | Jackson USA Select series
Catalog price:
1996-1997: $795
1998: $1,995
2018: $3,673.46
Years: 1996-present
Made in: USA
List of finishes:
1996-1997: BLK(Black), UV(Ultra Violet), NAT(Natural)
1998-present: LTG(Lightning Sky), SCL(Skulls), EDS(Eerie Dess Swirl), BGF(Blue Ghost Flames), HRF(Hot Rod Flames), INF(Interference Flames), RGF(Red Ghost Flames), BLK(Black), BGP, BKP, EB, FR, GMG, PP, SFG, BC, BF, BPB, CAG, CB, SW, YGP, ASB, BCB, TB, TBK, TG, TR, TSB, BLK/BVWT, BLK/PNGD, FR/BVBK, SS/BVBK, SWP/BVBK, SWP/PNBK, BMF, ICM, IFG, SSM, BLD, BGLB, BGLY, ISP, SNK, TBF, BKGF, BKF, CRM, GLD, IVR, RBP, UVB, CSB, NAT, VB, SSM/BVBK, SW/BVBK, SW/PNBK, SKL, GGF, SGL, USAF, LABL, HOLO, ALB, BCSB, FWR, CABO, RSPB, TCBL, SW/BKPN, BOLTS, GRV, NEB, PSKL, SSW, SBDGN, DMB, DMR, SBK, 523(Inferno Red), CS, IVR/BKPN, 76(Snow White)
Body material:
1996-1997: Poplar
1998-2001: Alder(with flame maple top on trans finishes) or Korina(NAT finish)
2002-present: Alder(with flame maple top on trans finishes)
Neck joint:
1996-1997: Bolt-On
1998-present: Neck-thru
1996-1997: Jackson JT-580 tremolo
1998-present: Floyd Rose Original tremolo
Hardware color:
Black or Chrome(Transparent finishes)
Neck material:
1996-1997: Rosewood
1998-present: Ebony (with binding)
Machine heads:
1996-1997: Pearl dot
1998-present: Pearl sharkfin
Neck scale:
1996-1997: 22 Jumbo
1998-present: 24 Jumbo
PU Config:
Bridge PU:
1996-1997: Jackson JA214
1998-2005: Seymour Duncan TB-5
2006-present: Seymour Duncan TB-4
Neck PU:
1996-1997: Jackson JA213
1998-present: Seymour Duncan SH-4
1996-1997: 1 Volume + 1 Tone, 3-Way Toggle Switch
1998-present:2 Volume + 1 Tone, 5-Way Switch