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CVR-2 - High-Output ceramic magnet pickup. Used on not expensive guitar models. Bridge / Neck.

J-50B (Vintage) - Bridge position version of the original "Patent Applied For" humbucker. This pickup delivers that familiar warm and well-rounded vintage sound with a durability and consistency the originals could never match. The J-50 is suitable for both light and heavy bodies. Bridge / neck.

J-50BC (Vintage Ceramic) - J-50 with replaced the usual Alnico magnet with a Ceramic magnet to accentuate the upper harmonics. The resulting sound has all the bottom and mids of that vintage humbucking sound with extra high-end clarity. This pickup is recommended for guitars with lighter bodies. Bridge / neck.

J-50N (Vintage Jazz) - Neck position version of the original "Patent Applied For" pickup. Classic tone with slightly less output for smooth round tone. With a 6.66% reduction in the total number of turns of magnet wire on the original P.A.F design, the J-50N is ideally suited to reproducing the upper harmonics characteristic of the strings in the neck position. Neck.

J-50M - Warm, classic tone with increased output. Bridge.

J-55 - Delivers both chunky rhythm textures and rich round lead voice.

J-65 - Bridge / Neck.

J-70 - Bridge / Neck.

J-75 - Mega output, hard edged with distinctive, grinding crunch.

J-80 (High Output) - The J-80 is a true distortion class, bridge position humbucking pickup. This pickup delivers balanced frequency response at a hight output level making it the most versatile of our distortion class pickups. Ideally suited to lighter bodies, look for this pickup to gibe you a smooth overdriven sound with rich highs and clear lows. High output, smooth response distortion class pickup. Bridge

J-80C (High Output Ceramic) - The J-80C delivers that "gritty crunch" that so many are looking for. By replacing the Alnico magnet in our J-80 humbucker with a ceramic magnet we have combinated that full-bodied, high output signal with accentuated high frequency response. The result is a overdriven sound with a distinctive crisp edge. Bridge

J-85 (High Output) - High output voltage with a nice fat midrange grind.

J-90 (Ultra-High Output) - J-90 pickup features evet more turns of magnet wire to give you an even higher output voltage and a nice, fat mid-range sound. This puckup is ideally suited to guitars mad of heavy woods. Its big signal and sensitivity to mid-range harmonics makes it perfect for tight, chunky rhythm playing. Bridge.

J-90C (Ultra-High Output Ceramic) - Highest output pickup - perfect for heavy weight bodies. Its Ceramic magnet takes the fat mid-range sound of the J-90 and accentuates the upper harmonics to give you a finer balance between the low-mids and highs. Bridge.

J-92C - Smooth overdriven sound with a distinctive, crisp edge.

J-95 (High Output Wide-Band) - High output with wide band response to produce chunky rhythm textures and a rich, round lead voice. Bridge.

JA-213 (JA213) - Bridge/neck Kent Armstrong humbucker.

JA-214 (JA214) - Bridge high output Kent Armstrong humbucker.


JH-6 - Bridge / Neck humbucker.

L-500XL - Custom built hi output, ultra clean response.

JP-10 - Bridge humbucker.

JP-11 - Neck humbucker.

JE-10 - Jackson high-output ceramic magnet humbucker , which is used on all the JS32 models. Output in the 14-15k ohms range. Bridge/Neck.

J-DA - Probably it's Daug Aldrich signature pickup because was put on his signature Jackson guitar models and Falcon custom guitar only. Bridge.

JX-2 (JX2) - Neck humbucker


J-100 - Authentic vintage single coil, modified staggered pole pieces to conform to contemporary fingerboard radius and more poplar string gauges of today. Middle / Neck.

J-100S - Middle / Neck.

J-100RW - Reverse wound, reverse polarity version of J-100 pickup.

J-110 - Original single coil sound clean overtones and harmonics.

J-120 - Solid highs and overtones with extra lows and mids.

J-130 - Middle / Neck.

J-135 - Middle.

CHANDLER LST and LST/RW - Vintage reissue of the lipstick tube pickup, medium output and a high resonant peak greatly enhance sensitivity and dynamics.

Single Coil Humbucking

J-100VS - Split coil construction with increased output and mid range.

J-100XL - High Output Single Coil. Bridge / Middle / Neck.

J-200 - Low impedance with increased lows and mids. This pickup must be used with low impedance electronics. Neck.

J-200R - Full size humbucker output in a single coil package.

JHR-1 - Middle/Neck.

JE-14 - Middle/Neck.

S-6F - Neck. Single coil size humbucker.

Bass pickups

J-20 - Split coil construction with increased output and mid range.

J-25 - 5-string version of J-20. Neck.

J-30P - Ceramic split coil pickup with enhanced middle and top end.

J-40 - High output bass humbucking.

J-150 - Single coil jazz bass style.

J-150VS - Bridge position, warm tone with a tight bottom end.

J-155 - Bridge.

J-160 - Bridge position ceramic single coil, clear defined sound through entire frequency range.

J-175 - Active wide response hum canceling with solid bottom end and piano tone treble response.