Jackson Rhoads Custom USA

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Jackson Rhoads Custom USA, 1987 (with Jackson JT-6 tremolo)

The Rhoads Custom were been really Custom Shop guitars with different specifications depends on customer needs (bridge, finish, left/right body style, electronics, etc.). This guitars bore “RR****” serial numbers.

The fretwire on the Rhoads is narrower than jumbo frets found on other Jackson guitars giving it a slightli different feel when played. Other fret sizes has been available as an option.

Distinctive features is ebony(by default) fingerboard, neck through body construction, sharkfin inlays, binding on Neck & Head.

Since spring 1990, customized options have become unavailable and this guitars bore “U0****” serial numbers.

Specifications for Jackson Rhoads Custom USA
Name: Jackson Rhoads Custom USA
Series: Jackson Rhoads series | Jackson Custom Shop series
Catalog price:
1984: $1,300(with TOM) / 1,520(with Kahler) / 1,660(with FR)
1995: $1,795-$2,095 (depends on the finish) (with JT-590 tremolo)
Years: 1983-1995
Made in: USA
List of finishes: BLK(Black), Ivory(IVR), FR(Ferrari Red), Pink with Platinum Pearl - for basic model + any custom finishes and graphics
Body material:
1983-1990: Poplar, Alder, Basswood
1990-1995: Poplar
Neck joint:
1983-1989:TOM, Kahler, JT-6 (by default in 1987-1989) or any other
1990-1995:JT-590 by Schaller tremolo
Hardware color:
Brass (by default, 1983) or Black
Neck material:
Eastern hardrock maple
Ebony (with binding)
Machine heads:
1984-1989:Pearl Sharkfin
1990-1995: Mother of Pearl Sharkfin
Neck scale:
22, Dunlop 6230
PU Config:
Bridge PU:
1983: Seymour Duncan Destortion (or any other)
1984-1989: J-80 (or any other)
1990-1991: J-50B
1993-1995: L-500XL
Neck PU:
1983: Seymour Duncan Jazz (or any other)
1984-1989: J-50N (or any other)
1990-1991: J-50N
1993-1995: L-500
1 Volume + 2 Tone, 3-Way Toggle Switch + 1990-1991: JE-1200 midboost