List of finishes

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AL / 00Aluminium
ALBAmber Lager Burst
ASB / 01Amber Sunburst
AUNAT / 802Au Natural (Phil Collen signature color)
BBBlue Burst
BBRB / 573Black with Blood Red Bevels
BBSBlack Blue Sunburst
BC / 04Black Cherry (Metallic)
BCBBurnt Cherry Burst
BCSB / 15 / 501Burnt Cherry Sunburst
BF / BKF / 05Black Forest
BFGB / 1-599Black with Fluorescent Green Bevels
BCRBeep Candy Red
BGF / 813Blue Ghost Flames
BGMBlue Green Metallic
BGPBlue Green Pearl
BGLBBengal Blue
BGLY / 896Bengal Yellow
BK/WPDBlack with White Polka Dots
BK/BV RedBlack with Red Bevels
BKP / 07Black Pearl
BKGF / 806Black Ghost Flames
BMFBlue Metalflake
BLK / BK / 803 / 503Black / Gloss Black
BLK/BVWT / 09 / 572 / 579Black with White Bevels
BLK/PNGD / 08Black with Gold Pinstripes
BOF / 11Blue & Orange Flames
BOLTS / 835Bolted Steel
BPBlue Purple
BPBBlue Purple Burst
BRBright Red
BS(<2005)Brown Sunburst
BS(=>2005) / BLDBlood Splatter
BVBlack Violet
CABO / 50Cabo
CARCandy Apple Red
CAG / 17Candy Apple Green
CB / 18Candy Blue
CBL / 22Cobalt Blue
CBS(<2005)Cobalt Blue Satin
CBS(=>2005) / 523Cobalt Blue Swirl
CHL / 821Chlorine (Phil Collen signature color)
CLCaramel Lace
CRCandy Red
CRM / 25Cream
CS(<2002) / CSB / 20 / 514Cherry Sunburst
CS(=>2002) / 526Crimson Swirl
DBDark Blue
DCB / 30Deep Candy Blue
DCR / 31Deep Candy Red
DMB / DMBL / 527Deep/Dark Metallic Blue
DMGDark Metallic Green
DMR / 28Dark/Deep Metallic Red / Inferno Red
DMVDark/Deep Metallic Violet
DTR / DTRBDeep Transparent Red
D.CAMODesert Camo
EB / 34Electric Blue
EDS / 833 / 533Eerie Dess Swirl
FGForest Green
FR / FRD / 839 / 539 / 529Ferrari Red
FR/BVBK / 40Ferrari Red with Black Bevels
FWR / 38Faded Wine Red
GBGrey Black
GD / GLD / 41Gold
GGFGreen Ghost Flames
GMG / 844 / 544Gun Metal Gray
GRGarnet Red
GRBGradation Blue
GRRGradation Red
GRV / 842Graveyard
GXBGalaxy Black
GXBLGalaxy Blue
GXRGalaxy Red
HOLO / 45Holoflake
HRF / 46Hot Rod Flames
ICMInterf Cyan/Magenta
IFGInterference Fire Glow
INFInterference Flames
ISPInterference Splatter
IV / IVR / 47 / 1555Ivory
IVR/PNBK / IVR/BKPN / 557 / 548Ivory with Black Pinstripes
JLBJake E Lee Burst
KORNatural Korina
LABL / 52LA Blue
LTG / 851Lightning Sky
MAH / 53Natural Mahogany
MB / MBK / 54Metallic Black
MB(1998-1999) / MTB / 527 / 581Metallic Blue
MBSMidnight Blue Sparcle
MBPSMetallic Blue Purple Sunburst
MG(1996-1997)Mint Green
MG(=>2001)Metallic Gold
MG(<1995) / MAGMagenta (Metallic)
MOC / 857Mocha (Phil Collen signature color)
MR / MTR / 552Metallic Red
MVMetallic Violet
NAT / 858 / 558Natural / Transparent Natural
NEB / 859Nebula
NGR / 518Neon Green
NLNatural Lace
NMNatural Mahogany
NGBNatural Green Sunburst
NPBNatural Purple Sunburst
NRBNatural Red Sunburst
OGPOrange/Gold Pearl
PAPPale Purple
PB(<1995)Pearl Black
PB(1996-1998)Purple Burst
PBWPearl Blue White
PCBPearl Cobalt Blue
PMBPearm Marine Blue
PMRPearl Medium Red
PP / 522Pavo Purple
PSPurple Sunburst
PSKL / 598Skulls
PVWPear Violet White
PWPearl White
RBRed Beer (Phil Collen signature color)
RBPRed with Blue Pearl
RGRetro Green
RGFRed Ghost Flames
RPRed Pearl
RPSRed Pearl Satin
RRRetro Red
RRM / 863Red Rum (Phil Collen signature color)
RSRising Sun
RSPB / 62Raspberry Burst
RVMRed Violet Metallic
SBSaphire Blue
SBDGN / 74 + 823Silver/Black Dragon
SBK / BKS / 868 / 568Satin Black / Black Satin
SBSSilver Black Sunburst
SFGSea Foam Green
SGL(<2002)Star Glo / Starglo Sunburst
SGL(=>2002) / 870Shattered Glass
SGMSparkle Green Metallic
SKL / 861 / 898Pile O'Skulls / Skullyard
SLG / 529 / 571Slime Green
SNK / 875Snakeskin
SOL / 879Solar (Phil Collen signature color)
SPSSilver Purple Sanburst
SSSparkle Silver
SS/BVBKSilver Sparkle w/Black Bevels
SSM / 71Sparkle Silver Metallic
SSM/BVBK / 72Sparkle Silver Metallic w/Black Bevels
SSW / 73Silver Swirl
STASee Through Amber
STBBSee Through Brown Black
STBLSSee Through Blue Sunburst
STBSee Through Black
STBSSee Through Black Sunburst
STGPSee Through Green Puple
STPSee Through Purple
STPSSee Through Puple Sunburst
STRSee Through Red
STRSSee Through Red Sunburst
STVBLSee Through Violet Blue
SW / 876 / 576 / 500 / 368(Bass?)Snow White / Gloss White
SW/BVBK / 877 / 577Snow White with Black Bevels / White with Black Bevels
SW/PNBK / 878 / 578Snow White with Black Pinstripes
SWPSnow White Pearl
SWP/BVBKSnow White Pearl w/Black Bevels
SWP/PNBKSnow White Pearl w/Black Pinstripes
TA / 520 / 501Transparent Amber / Transparent Amber Sunburst
TB / TBL / 86 / 588Transparent Blue
TBFTan/Blue Flames
TBK / 885 / 585(385)Transparent Black
TCBL / 89Transparent Cobalt Blue
TCRTransparent Crimson
TG / 87Transparent Green
THBTransparent Heavy Blue
THPTransparent Heavy Purple
TITransparent Ivory
TOTransparent Orange
TP / 592Transparent Purple
TPBTransparent Prim Black
TPBLTransparent Prim Blue
TPPTransparent Pearl Purple
TR / 890 / 590 / 500 / 503Transparent Red
TS / TSB / TBS / 82 / 590 / 593 / 598Tobacco Sunburst / Tobacco Burst
TVTransparent Violet
TWH / 888Transparent White
UBMUltra Blue Metallic
UVUltra Violet
UVBUltra Violet Burst
VB / 94Violin Brown
VBSVintage Brown Sunburst
VRVoilet Red
VisViolet Sunburst
VWVintage White
WRWine Red
YGPYellow/Gold Pearl
000Custom Shop finishes
500X series signature finishes: Anarchy Artwork(Scott Ian)
316Wine Drunk (Mark Morton Signature Dominion)
382Bourbon Burst (Mark Morton Signature Dominion)
385River Bed (Mark Morton Signature Dominion)
394Old School Burst (Mark Morton Signature Dominion)
502 / 902 / 1500Transparent Red Burst
501 / 519Neon Pink
510Black with Pink Bevels
510Dark Sunburst
519Taxi Cab Yellow
520Matte Army Drab
521Satin Silver
521Chlorine Burst
522Blue Stripe
522Bright Blue
522Quicksilver with Black Bevels
522 / 541Satin Gray
527Candy Metallic Blue
527Metallic Blue Burst
533Red Tide Fade
534Black Tide Fade
539Satin Red
548 / 848White with Black Pinstripes
549Kawasabi Green with Black Bevels
557Natural Oil
558Natural Blonde
558Transparent Natural
580Copper Pearl
585Transparent Black Burst
586Cherry Burst
590Red Stripe
569Dark Metallic Gray
574Black with Kawasabi Green Bevels
574Charcoal Gray
576White Pearl Metallic
577White with Black Bevels
580Transparent Root Beer
580Neon Orange
580Satin Orange Blaze
592Midnight Blue
592Transparent Purple Burst
595Viola Burst
598Black with Yellow Bevels
599Special Color – Model Specific(D.CAMO or Bevels etc.)
70Hot Pink
803Glass Black
821 / 521Quicksilver
824Darby Green
827Acapulco Gold
830Absinthe Frost
834Matte Blue Frost
835Purple Daze(Phil Collen signature only)
840 / 540Red with Black Bevels
841Black with Silver Bevels
845 / 545 / 598Silver Burst / Silverburst
855Chameleon(Phil Collen signature only)
858Gold with Black Bevels
867Root Beer(Phil Collen signature only)
868 / 568Matte Black / Satin Black
871Silver Burst Sparkle
872Black with Snow White Bevels
872Agent Orange
880Amber Tiger Eye
884Copper Snakeskin
889Laguna Burst
894October Pearl
899Black with White Dots
899Gold / Pagan Gold
Blue Faience
Chocolate Lace
Midnight Black
Pearl Yellow
Platinum Pearl
Radiant Red Pearl

Blue Faience - Grover Jackson Falcon custom

Flames - Grover Jackson Doug Aldrich

Psycho - Grover Jackson Doug Aldrich

Psycho Y-O - Grover Jackson Doug Aldrich

Psycho G-B - Grover Jackson Doug Aldrich

Graphic Abbreviations

G/01 - Lightning sky

G/02 - Snakeskin

G/03 - Skulls

G/04 - Flames

G/05 - Sunset

G/06 - Reclining woman

G/07 - Standing woman

G/08 - Black & White dragon

G/09 - Multi colored dragon

G/10 - Spheres

G/11 - Eerie dess

G/12 - Holo flake on black

G/13 - Coral Sea

G/14 - Turquoise stone

G/15 - Textured pearl on red